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 We loved working with Airyka and the photos she took of our wedding are stunning! Airyka has a calm, professional demeanor and the first time we met her we knew she would be just the right mix of laid-back and get-it-done. We didn’t want photos that felt too staged or took our guests out of the moment so we loved her candid style of photography. Many of our guests commented that she seamlessly blended in while seeming to be everywhere at once, capturing it all. At the same time, we wanted a professional who could advise us on how to best capture our wedding and she did just that: scouting the best locations, organizing the timing of photos for the best light, and putting us at ease in front of the camera.

We really could not be happier with the photos Airyka took: they are beautiful and perfectly capture not just the lovely location but the joy and love we felt expressed by all of our guests. On top of that she was a joy to work with from start to finish. We would highly recommend her to anyone!

-Nora & Patrick

Hiring Airyka to photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process.  We had met with several other photographers prior to deciding to go with her, and her refreshing laid-back professionalism sealed the deal for us.  Airyka is incredibly thorough and responsive.  She takes the time to learn about you, your wedding, and genuinely cares.  I have been a bridesmaid multiple times, and can say that this genuineness is not always found.  We also did an engagement shoot with her where the working conditions could not have been worse- rain, constantly changing cloud patterns, and giant waves that drenched us all!  Despite all of that, she remained cool and got some stunning shots.  I knew from then that she could handle whatever the wedding day threw at us.  Her background of fine art photography and use of digital as well as film really sets her apart from other wedding photographers.  Not only can she provide beautiful posed portraits with the perfect amount of direction, but she also captures those precious candid moments to perfection.  She takes the most beautiful candid portraits of people and her knowledge and use of light is top-notch.  With Airyka, you won’t be getting “trendy”, overly-filtered or overly photoshopped photos, but rather timelessly gorgeous photos you will love for years to come that genuinely capture the feel of the day.  My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Airyka and predict that her career in wedding photography will be hugely successful.

-Minh & Britton

I cannot recommend Airyka highly enough. On all of the categories offered – quality, responsiveness, professionalism, value, flexibility – Airyka exceed our expectations. Most importantly, the photos are stunning. A close relative is a professional photographer herself and she commented, unprompted, that Airyka’s work is extraordinarily well done. Before the wedding, Airyka is thorough without clogging up your inbox. During the ceremony and reception, she has the most subtle, unobtrusive, but also direct when need be, style.

Basically, she’s everywhere you want her to be without dominating your day. And, finally, I think she provides an incredible service at an uncommonly reasonable price. So, look no further, Airyka is who you want to photograph your special day.

-Kelly & Conner

Airyka is a gifted artist and her talents are reflected beautifully in her photography. I was lucky enough to book her for my wedding in May and I found that she captured every special moment exactly as I had experienced them. Her unique professional style allowed her to blend in seamlessly with all of our guests which allowed for some the most beautiful candid shots. I loved sharing my wedding day with this cool gal and I highly recommend her services! She’s fun, professional and extremely talented!!!

-Pilar & Hugo

We looked into several options before committing to a photographer and couldn’t be happier with Airyka Rockefeller.
First, she is professional. She’s flexible but clear, gave us all the information up-front without requiring us to give too many emails. She even gave me suggestions on the day’s schedule. She looked at it not just from her perspective (getting the shots), but from the perspective of the bride and groom, who don’t want to miss their guests because they’re taking photos. She was unobtrusive, and firm but pleasant with our family and friends to get the group shots done in good time without sacrificing quality. In fact, it was amazing to see how many of our guests she shot throughout the day.
Second, her photography is great. Magic with capturing light, she has a distinctly artistic eye, especially natural photos – she snaps candid moments with aplomb (no awkward mid-bite photos, just peoples’ personalities shining through). She recorded the details in the decor and food, and took pictures around the entire venue. As a couple who is averse to cheesiness of posed photos, she brought out our real smiles and made us feel comfortable while we were getting ready and taking our portraits. Airyka uses various cameras, both digital and film. She used an original Leica medium-format film camera that captured photos of my husband and I that looked so timeless.
Lastly, the edited photos came back quickly. She gave us a beautiful, well-organized, easily navigable website with all of retouched photos within a month of the wedding that friends and family could download from.
If you have a long list of posed photos you absolutely must have, Airyka might not be the perfect fit. But if you like an instinctive eye towards beauty who can balance the posed and candid while surprising you with little touches and wonderful portraits, you can’t make a better choice.

-Soumeya & Will

Amidst the months-long frenzy and flutter of creating a wedding, there was only one element about which I had absolutely no doubt: the photography of Airyka Rockefeller. Having seen the striking scope of her work — both her documentation of weddings and her fine art work — I felt confident that the authenticity and unusual beauty of our occasion would be reflected in the photographs.

When I saw them, just days after our ceremony, I was taken entirely aback by the luminous nature of Airyka’s images. Luminous in that the inner light of what we created on that day, and what occurred in the people around us was utterly palpable. I am still struck by the photographs, and I have studied them many times. They now form a poetic narrative of what we experienced–a story without words.

As the person chosen to first see, then capture, then arrange these moments–Airyka navigates many roles: she is a coordinator and a visionary; a sleuth, an artist, and a shepherd all at once. We were left with the bounty she gathered on the day of our wedding, but much of her real work takes place in the days prior and following, when she painstakingly prepares for, and then gleans from, the event. The photographs you receive, woven carefully into an accessible website and printed exquisitely to keep in the hand, are the result of many hours. I would recommend Airyka Rockefeller to absolutely anyone.

-Tula & Doug

I highly recommend Airyka! She photographed my wedding this fall, and she did a wonderful job. We really could not be happier with the photos. I don’t know how she got everyone looking so good, but she did.

I think is really special about Airyka is that she shot the wedding and reception almost as if she were a photojournalist; many of the photos are candid and tell the story of the wedding in a way that a posed photograph could never do. She did an amazing job of capturing special, important moments that lasted only a second — she clearly has a quick, smart eye and a talent for honing in on what is important and meaningful and should be recorded. In addition to her wonderful skills, Airyka has a great presence. She was so relaxed and happy — clearly enjoying her work — that she made all our guests feel relaxed, too, which I think makes for better photos. All in all, it was really a pleasure to have her at the wedding.

If you are looking for a warm, intuitive, and talented photographer for your wedding, look no further than Airyka!

-Anna & Aaron

Airyka photographed our wedding and we can not say enough good things about working with her.    She was very receptive to our requests and brought an expert’s creative eye to our photos.  Everyone who sees the pictures she took remarks on how beautiful they are, and how the essence of the day was captured so well.   Airyka was friendly and easy to communicate with through the whole process, she really made us feel very comfortable and at ease.  Her skill and professionalism make her wedding photo package a real value.  We can not thank Airyka enough for documenting our wedding tastefully and thoroughly.  We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Airyka’s services to anyone looking for a skilled, down to earth photographer.

-Sarah & Brian

Airyka did an amazing job photographing our wedding! She was a true joy to work with, from beginning to end. She was very easy to communicate with and really took the time to ask the right questions and figure out what photos were the most important to us prior to the big day. At the wedding she was a calming presence, which was very helpful as I was such a nervous bride! She did a great job at wrangling my big extended family into a perfect family portrait. Her work is beautiful, unique and we couldn’t be happier with the photos she took. Whenever I look at them I can relive the day, as she was able to capture each moment and feeling of every part of the wedding! I highly recommend her!

-Lindsay & Chris

We have followed Airyka’s photography for many years and have always loved her ability to capture such candid portraits of people in their natural state. Her photography tells a story and we knew immediately that her unique aesthetic was what we wanted for our wedding photography. Character wise, she is everything you want your photographer to be: warm, friendly, and gives perfect direction during the more posed portrait shots. She went above and beyond for us months leading up to our big day and even helped us develop our schedule for the day’s event. She captured scores of brilliant shots that we will cherish forever.

-Rachel & Adrian

Airyka is not only a talented photographer, but she has the ability to put you immediately at ease.  I have never had professional photos of myself taken, and decided that the best time to try this venture was for my pregnancy!  Needless today, I was very nervous and was not sure what to expect.  But Airyka provided such great communication before, during and after our shoot that any apprehension I had melted away.

Most importantly, the photos turned out better than I had imagined.  Airyka used the space, light, features of my apartment and Golden Gate Park to create some stunning images I will cherish forever.  Airyka is professional and warm, talented and great to work with.  I look forward to booking her services again in the future!


Airyka did a perfect job on our wedding photos. After a brief meeting it was clear that she knew exactly what to ask in order to be prepared. She was interested in focusing on what we wanted to get out of the photos and she accomplished that while also keeping her style.  With much grace, she balanced being engaging with the guests and not being “in the way” of the day. Airyka was able to capture the narrative of the wedding. The story she told with her photography was exactly what we experienced and that is priceless. She worked efficiently and artfully to give us gorgeous photos that we will cherish forever.  Airyka is highly professional and very talented and we recommend her strongly.

-Hilary & Luke

Airyka Rockefeller photographed our wedding and did a remarkable job. She is an artist who brings her beautiful, unique style to wedding photography. She was also a consummate professional and a total pleasure to work with. Her pictures were perfect — spontaneous yet beautifully composed, formal when we wanted portraits, and casual at the fun moments of the party/dancing.

She accomplish everything we wanted… exceeded our expectations actually. Perhaps most importantly, she was so incredibly pleasant and easy to work with — not imposing at all. If you hire Airyka, you’re not going to regret it.

-Greg & Ahndraya

You were such a solid, and amazing photographer to be around. Your presence was calm, and strong, and it helped me feel completely at ease, and sure, that my wedding was being captured, and not a moment was going by unnoticed. These images are the ones that will warm my heart forever. You captured the things that I’ll laugh out loud about months and years later. There’s such a great range of color and texture to all of my wedding photographs.

You do what most photographers struggle to do, making your wedding a piece of art. These images are not hallmark cheesy; they are forever timeless.

-Aimee & Michael

 I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Airyka in action at a friend’s wedding before hiring her to photograph my own wedding a few months later.

I think the secret to Airyka’s success as a wedding photographer is this: she is so natural, graceful, unobtrusive and at ease that she puts people at ease and gets great shots of them before they even know their picture is being taken, if they ever figure it out at all. That being said, her posed shots are great too, and I was super pleased by the gentle yet authoritative way that she was able to corral different groups of people into the series of group shots I wanted.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with my own wedding pictures and so grateful for all of Airyka’s thoughtful help and advice before and after the wedding, not to mention how great she was during the event itself. She shot my wedding in color and black and white (I can’t decide which I like better) and digital and film, so she is obviously highly versatile. I am so happy with the work she produced and she has been a total pleasure to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

-Lydia & Nick

Airyka was recommended to us by a fellow photographer, and hiring her to shoot our wedding was a great decision. She was professional in all our interactions and very organized–asking me a lot of question, which helped with our planning. The day of the wedding Airyka and her assistant were completely non obtrusive and were able to slink around the reception capturing beautiful shots of candid moments. She shot in digital but also in film — we loved both. We will treasure Airyka’s photos, she captured our event perfectly.

-Karyn & Remus

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