About A | R Photography

I’m an artist based in San Francisco working in editorial and art photography.  My editorial work includes celebrations (mostly outdoor weddings utilizing natural light and the great outdoors), interiors (generally inspiring, eclectic homes and studios), and profiles of people who make this city yet more lovely and compelling, be they chefs, musicians, shoe-makers, florists or ceramicists.  When I began this blog it it was a place to chart my commissioned wedding work; wedding work that I strived to make uncontrived yet classically beautiful.   Over time this blog has grown to incorporate places and people that inspire me more broadly.  I kept the original blog name “Bouquet & Banquet” as I realized those words similarly apply to the subjects I’m most drawn to–places and people that compel community, growth and beauty, the making of something out of nothing, of life being tended to and appreciated.   I photograph with natural light whenever possible and approach my photographs as a storyteller with an eye for rich details, telling gestures and vivid color.  Enjoy the pictures and feel free to get in touch with requests, commissions or inquiries.  Warmly, Airyka

Airyka with Yashica 03

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