A Wondrous Wedding in the Pennsylvanian Poconos

Occasionally I am lucky enough not only to be asked to shoot the wedding of someone that I have known for years and whom I adore, but to travel to a remote location over a long summer weekend to do so.  Soumeya and Will, a lovely literary couple based out of New York, held their wedding in the Pocono Lake Preserve in Pennsylvania.  The preserve is magical, something out of a time capsule, old Quaker land with wooden cabins that have somehow catapulted into modern houses, scattered over hundreds of forested acres, calmly centered around an endless lake.  Surrounded by friends and fog, water and wood, Soumeya and Will held their ceremony under the trees, complete with poems, songs, and a stillness that quivered in the quiet air.  The sky loomed blank-white all day, threatening rain; the lightning and thunderstorm came eventually during a long, epic dance party.  One of my favorite aspects of this wedding were the traditional Algerian elements that emerged in a burst of color, ceremonial gesture, North African music, and unabashedly joyous dancing mid-way through the day.  Supported by amazing friends and articulate, warm, incredible family on both sides, it all seemed quite an amazing way to start a marriage.  Many congratulations, Soumeya and Will!  It was an honor to document this place and time with you!

Soumeya & Will's Wedding-417Soumeya & Will's Wedding-289Soumeya & Will's Wedding-277Soumeya & Will's Wedding-344Soumeya & Will's Wedding-364M18A6120Soumeya & Will's Wedding-369Soumeya & Will's Wedding-405Soumeya & Will's Wedding-449Soumeya & Will's Wedding-432M18A5919M18A6247M18A5952M18A6346M18A6380Soumeya & Will's Wedding-655M18A6404M18A6436M18A6463M18A6084M18A6546M18A5662M18A6588M18A6601Soumeya & Will's Wedding-628Soumeya & Will's Wedding-620Soumeya & Will's Wedding-019Soumeya & Will's Wedding-030-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-034-2M18A6879Soumeya & Will's Wedding-222-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-041-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-226-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-211-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-120-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-100-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-084-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-173-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-008M18A6880Soumeya & Will's Wedding-097-2M18A5822Soumeya & Will's Wedding-321-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-290-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-330-2M18A7128Soumeya & Will's Wedding-408-2M18A5739Soumeya & Will's Wedding-200-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-489-2Soumeya & Will's Wedding-246-2M18A7296M18A7630M18A7357M18A6816Soumeya & Will's Wedding-849Soumeya & Will's Wedding-143Soumeya & Will Wedding FILM-058Soumeya & Will Wedding FILM-046M18A8131Soumeya & Will's Wedding-979Soumeya & Will's Wedding-769-2M18A8227M18A8473M18A8185M18A8478M18A8477M18A8572Soumeya & Will Wedding FILM-035Soumeya & Will Wedding FILM-037

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