A Magical Mill Valley Wedding

On the fourth of July this year I forgo fireworks to document the wedding of Kelly and Connor, who held their festivities at the Outdoor Art Club in downtown Mill Valley.   Kelly and Connor exchanged moving vows amidst Japanese maples and ancient redwoods, and enjoyed leisurely cocktails in the late-day sun under the spell of music by San Francisco jazz band Panique.  Amid an array of friends and flower-girls, guests mingled, told stories, toasted endlessly and eventually devoured many seasonal pies made by local Three Babes Bakeshop.  The luscious flower arrangements were created by one of my favorite florists in the Bay Area, Verde.  I particularly liked the table settings, which were minimal yet vivid, with vintage glasses and beautiful blue linens made by the bride and her girlfriends.  The aesthetic was bought together in stunning simplicity and full color by creative designer and planner Sara and Hilary of Copa Events.  Wishing all the best to Kelly and Connor, one of the sweetest couples I’ve yet had the pleasure to get to know.   Enjoy the photographs! 

Kelly & Connor Wedding-2Kelly & Connor Wedding-019Kelly & Connor Wedding-136Kelly & Connor Wedding-183Kelly & Connor Wedding-033Kelly & Connor Wedding-300Kelly & Connor Wedding-214Kelly & Connor Wedding-229Kelly & Connor Wedding-219Kelly & Connor Wedding-2Kelly & Connor Wedding-2-3Kelly & Connor Wedding-2-2Kelly & Connor Wedding-0569Kelly & Connor Wedding-2-6Kelly & Connor Wedding-0928Kelly & Connor Wedding-367Kelly & Connor Wedding-376Kelly & Connor Wedding-0618Kelly & Connor Wedding-2-4Kelly & Connor Wedding-0640Kelly & Connor Wedding-307Kelly & Connor Wedding-0818Kelly & Connor Wedding-198Kelly & Connor Wedding-381Kelly & Connor Wedding-0716Kelly & Connor Wedding-0752Kelly & Connor Wedding-360Kelly & Connor Wedding-1016Kelly & Connor Wedding-358Kelly & Connor Wedding-0803Kelly & Connor Wedding-0815Kelly & Connor Wedding-0790Kelly & Connor Wedding-1073Kelly & Connor Wedding-1060Kelly & Connor Wedding-1027Kelly & Connor Wedding-0832Kelly & Connor Wedding-0890Kelly & Connor Wedding-0820Kelly & Connor Wedding-0834Kelly & Connor Wedding-0991Kelly & Connor Wedding-0964Kelly & Connor Wedding-0845Kelly & Connor Wedding-0900Kelly & Connor Wedding-0863Kelly & Connor Wedding-0940Kelly & Connor Wedding-0883Kelly & Connor Wedding-0860Kelly & Connor Wedding-1084Kelly & Connor Wedding-1006Kelly & Connor Wedding-1061Kelly & Connor Wedding-1025Kelly & Connor Wedding-0934Kelly & Connor Wedding-066Kelly & Connor Wedding-0955Kelly & Connor Wedding-1038Kelly & Connor Wedding-1034Kelly & Connor Wedding-1020Kelly & Connor Wedding-1127Kelly & Connor Wedding-1112Kelly & Connor Wedding-1101Kelly & Connor Wedding-1116Kelly & Connor Wedding-1305Kelly & Connor Wedding-1249Kelly & Connor Wedding-1194Kelly & Connor Wedding-1122Kelly & Connor Wedding-1246Kelly & Connor Wedding-1208Kelly & Connor Wedding-1276Kelly & Connor Wedding-1360Kelly & Connor Wedding-1340Kelly & Connor Wedding-1296Kelly & Connor Wedding-1333Kelly & Connor Wedding-1425Kelly & Connor Wedding-286Kelly & Connor Wedding-1228

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