A Windy and Wonderful San Francisco Wedding

Just days after meeting Pilar, a gorgeous, funny and spirited bride-to-be, at a friend’s birthday party,  I was happily booked to shoot her and her fiance Hugo’s wedding the following month.  On a wildly windy San Francisco day, Pilar and Hugo’s wedding was a flurry of momentum, as we traveled by limo and trolley through the city streets and shot in four locations, including at the stately Palace of Fine Arts where the ceremony was held, and at the funky mission space Chez Poulet where salsa dancing went on and on into the night.  Guests and family hailed from all over Europe and the States, were speaking in three languages, and mesmerizing me with their salsa dancing prowess late into the night.  Everyone was clearly, jubilantly in love with this newly hitched, beautiful couple, and over the course of the day, I became rather swept up by them as well.  Congratulations, beauties!  It was a delight to capture your wedding day.  Enjoy the pictures, everyone.


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