A May Wedding in Paso Robles

In May I traveled to Paso Robles to photograph the opulent wedding of Alexandra and Jarryd at Rancho Dos Amantes, a lovely and rustic property on California’s arid Central Coast.  Alex and I had been fast friends in seventh grade: I tutored her in math and logic; she agreed to pose in my early photo experiments.  We hadn’t kept in touch at all after school, however, so I was surprised to hear from her last year when she asked if I would photograph her wedding.  Although I become fond of every couple who’s wedding I shoot, it is always doubly potent to document the weddings of women who I knew when we were not yet women at all.  It was a joy to witness the warm and vibrant person she’s become, as calm and collected as ever, and to meet her man, Jarryd, who made her laugh nonstop throughout their wedding day, making my job easy.  The toasts were ridiculously heartfelt and had most of the guests, including myself, in tears.  The entire wedding was held outside, in blazing sun, under ancient trees and amidst golden, tall grasses.   Peach pie and boozy whipping cream were served out of mini mason jars as twilight cast it’s blue light, dancing began, and night fell.  A beautiful celebration to begin my shooting season, indeed.  Wishing you the best of luck, and much love, Alex and Jarryd!  Enjoy the pictures.



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