The Floating Realm: Domestic Details from the Year Past

I have always obsessively recorded the shifting objects, plants and paths of light within my home environment.  Mostly I am drawn to making photographs which convey both solidity and ephemerality, within the details of which there is a sense of residue, story, and a kind of quality that comes both from tending to things, and to letting them alone.  Not only do these photographs tend to feature objects with an otherworldly weightlessness, the photographs themselves float between categories, not quite belonging within either my art or editorial photography.  Attempting to place these in-between, floating photographs makes me think of the shifting meanings of the Japanese word ukiyo, (or, transitory world/everyday world) which originally conjured the Buddhist notion of the transitory nature of life.  The character’s meaning was overturned during the hedonistic Edo period and eventually came around to mean “floating,” with associations of the pleasure-seeking, exquisitely physical world, as beautifully and frustratingly tangible as it is fleeting.  A similar sense of sorrowful, sensual transience often overwhelms me at year’s end, in the dead of winter, reflecting upon a years worth of simple pleasures suddenly passed.   Enjoy the images, and do visit again for new photographs, projects and chronicles in the coming year.



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