An Engagement Shoot at the Pacific Shore

For their engagement shoot, Britton and Minh wanted to head to Pacifica at a tucked away and incredibly majestic beach where, a year prior, they had decided to get married over a game of banana grams.  They brought some champagne and a blanket for our shoot, and we spent a few hours on the beach.  As we frolicked by the water, our backs to the ocean, we were inundated by a sudden and stunning wave, which drenched us all, and threw a bit of a wrench in the shoot.  Afterwards, we headed to Half Moon Bay to pick pumpkins, still drenched from the waist down.  While the shoot didn’t turn out as many photos as I’d hoped, we got to know each other a bit, laughed a lot, and now I’m really looking forward to shooting this adorable couple’s wedding in 2015.  Enjoy the pictures!



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