A September Wedding on Whidbey Island

In September I was delighted to travel to Washington to document the lovely wedding of dear friends Lieta and Jason at Wayfarer Farm on Whidbey Island.  The couple, expecting their first child in January, gathered a lovely group of friends and family for a relaxed afternoon of bacci ball and mingling, finally dancing outdoors under a sheet of stars.  As apples and plums literally thudded from the trees, David Day of Bayleaf Catering prepared a grand batch of paella under a saffron-yellow sun.  The wildly creative pastry chef for Bainbridge Island’s Hitchcock, Mckayla sewNsew, prepared 15 pies with fruit foraged from nearby island trees and wild berry bushes.  A beautiful bevy of babies, parents, pets and friends spread out across the lovely land to honor Lieta and Jason’s love and to celebrate them on the cusp of many new beginnings.   Congratulations you two!   Enjoy the pictures.



One thought on “A September Wedding on Whidbey Island

  1. Airyka, your pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for putting your special touch to these photos. We can’t wait to see more of them. It was so nice spending time with you on Jason and Lieta’s wedding day. Dava and Dan Boller (
    Jason’s parents)

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