A Splendid Santa Fe Wedding

I traveled to the plains of Sante Fe in early June to photograph the wedding of my dear friends Lindsay and Chris, the talented duo behind Stanley & Sons.   I used to work with Lindsay slinging pastries in San Francisco until she got up the nerve to go out East toward new ventures in love and work.  An internship turned into a friendship turned into a collaboration turned into true love.  These two.  They move me.  I was so happy to be both guest and photographer at this celebration.  Although we couldn’t frolic through the desert this time, Lindsay and Chris held their ceremony in a gorgeous hotel and  still the weather spoke.  Just as the ceremony ended a huge burst of storm clouds swept up and promptly started hailing noisily upon the streets, as the guests awed and oohed.  The ice was followed by a humid and decadent golden sunset.  That night, after guests danced wildly, (and Lindsay’s father did some incredible spontaneous breakdancing!) the clouds split again for a magnificent, almost endless lightning storm.  Needless to say, it was epic, almost as striking as this ridiculously happy couple.  I love you guys and am so happy to have had the honor of documenting your wedding day.  Enjoy the pictures, my friends.



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