Celebrating M & J on the Town & on the Farm

Recently I had the pleasure of documenting the wedding celebration of two artists I greatly admire, and am lucky enough to have as good friends, Maggie Preston and Jason Kalogiros.  Months ago they asked if I’d casually shoot their party on the summer solstice using my favorite old 1960’s twin lens cameras while also enjoying the night as a guest:  immediate yes!   Though M & J chose to have a quiet, private ceremony beyond the reach of crowds initially, the following weekend they celebrated with friends over a backyard dinner party at Healdsberg’s Del Campo Fina, and the next day hosted a long dinner party on the farm at Preston Vinyards.  I met many adorable couples during the weekend, and am secretly pining to photograph their possible weddings one day as well.   I had photographed Maggie’s sister getting married on the same land two years earlier, and relished returning.  I also relished working solely in film; it’s such an evocative, magical, lovely medium.   I am so, so happy for your two, M & J!   Enjoy the pictures.000075790003000075790008000075790006000075800007000075800008000075790002000075800010000075800006000075790001000075800003000075800004000088440020000088430006000088430010000088430012000088430015000088410020000088440010000092010005000088450003000088440002000088430002000092010020000088410007000088410016000092010024000088450024000088440024000092010007000075760008000092010011000088430014000075760005000075760004000075780003000088410018000088450023000088410021000092010021000092010003000092010023000088450015000075770006000075780004000088440014000088450012000075770002000088430003000088430023000092010013000088450016


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