A Shoot Commissioned by the Winemakers at Idle Cellars

A few weeks ago the gentlemen behind Idle Cellars asked me what I might be able to offer for their business in terms of new imagery for their website and blog.  A total wine and food lover, I realized a dream-job hovered before me, and quickly determined a two-location shoot which I would not only conceptualize and organize, but which I would art-direct, style, cook for and finally, photograph.  Beginning with my favorite cookbooks for inspiration, enlisting the help of my burgeoning floral designer friend Sierra, accessing my own kitchenware and textile collection, and borrowing my friend Scott’s dining room, I put together a breezy hillside picnic followed by a luscious dinner party spread.   Dinner–roast salmon with dill and charred citrus, baby artichokes with kale and pine nuts, and a rye-berry salad with herbs was paired with syrah and pinot noir.  The picnic, featuring rose and pinot grigio featured rye toast with creme fraiche, cured fish, dill and pickled onions and a smattering of cheese, berries and nuts.  I had such a lovely time orchestrating, styling, shooting and cooking for this series of photographs I realized that this is the sort of work I want to do more of; that my interests in aesthetics, interiors, food and projects with friends could easily commingle more regularly if I worked toward it.  The artistic production of beautiful meals, spaces and gatherings enlists my hands, head and all my senses!  I look forward to more commissions of this sort:  any inquiries are welcome.



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