A few Family Portraits at The Botanical Gardens

When I think of posed family portraits, my head spins, recalling rigidly awkward sessions at the photo studio in my small 1980’s hometown,  complete with splatter-paint canvas backdrops and omnipresent lighting beaming down from above.  I was at the peak of puberty and had seriously over-plucked my eyebrows, butchered my bangs and was in a general state of tension with anyone related to me.  Thus, I generally don’t do family portrait sessions as to spare others from any similar discomfort at posing for group shots with their parents, but lately I am starting to make exceptions, learning there’s another way–in homes and outdoor settings meaningful to my subjects.  I met Jake and his youngest son during my time working at The General Store in San Francisco, and realizing we both hailed from Seattle but made our homes in the Bay Area, got to talking…..  Many months later, a laid back photo session wandering through Golden Gate Park happened with the whole crew, and I’m so pleased they like the photos too.  I tried to show the humor, love and repore between them all, the beautiful and transient boyishness of their two sons, and their adorable style…without forcing anything.  Maybe I’m coming around to family photoshoots after all…!  Enjoy.

IMG_2335IMG_2457 IMG_2458000003660007 000008180019IMG_2343IMG_2351IMG_2277IMG_2394IMG_2453IMG_2481IMG_2491

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