WHERE WITH ALL: Solo Exhibition May 3rd-June 22nd in San Francisco

I’m delighted to announce WHERE WITH ALL, an exhibition of my newest work in collage and photography on view at Goodnight Projects in San Francisco.  Like my ongoing photographic projects, my collages remain rooted in landscape, the gesturing body and in the mystical potential of found objects and places.

Nikki Grattan, whose writing for In The Make I’ve always found sharp yet inviting, wrote a small text about the artwork.  Leah Rosenberg, whose art practice mingles with her work as a pastry chef (with Blue Bottle’s Modern Art Desserts) created an edible confection inspired by the palette and forms within the artwork.

On opening night, May 3rd, Matt Roberts (of The Mantels) and Andy Cabic (of Vetiver) DJ’d a dance party to welcome the warm nights of late into the city.

I hope to see you there!


Makeshift Mountain


Opening Reception This Saturday May 3rd from 6 – 11pm

Work by Airyka Rockefeller:  May 3rd – June 29th 2014

Culinary Confections by Leah Rosenberg

(Unique edibles inspired by the artworks) at 7pm

Dance Party in the downlow by Matt Roberts & Andy Cabic at 9pm

Goodnight Projects.
4391 24th Street
San Francisco CA, 94114

Phone: (415) 359-5692

email: goodnightprojects@gmail.com


/            /             /           /            /           /

Airyka Rockefeller’s current collage series immediately concedes its orientation in its title. Yes, Where With All is a play on words but it also acts as a compass, a tool that determines direction through a simple frame of reference. This title quickly points to ideas concerning the complexity of geography, universality, and inhabitation, and then ushers us into new worlds in which to find our way.

Rockefeller’s carefully assembled collages are minimal and haunting, and evoke feelings of familiarity and disorientation simultaneously. The expansive imagery of place and elements of architecture, the singular familiar patina, and the anonymous but distinct figures found in her photographic cuttings all converge together to create new, fantastical landscapes that reveal not just how big the world is but how differently we inhabit it, how strangely and beautifully we imagine versions of it for ourselves.

Rockefeller’s collages ask the viewer to be in two places at once— home and faraway, in transit and at rest, among the fantastical and the real, amidst our memories and our unknown futures, and to enter into all of these states with the same sense of awe and awareness.

– Nikki Grattan


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