In the Studio with Leah Rosenberg: A Palette for Fare and Hue

On a recent rain-soaked spring day I traveled to Montalvo Center for the Arts to photograph the lovely Leah Rosenberg in her artist-in-residency studio.  I quietly watched as Leah poured, spread, let set and finally reshaped layers of malleable paint used in her sculptural works: architecturally tipping towers made of stacked paint-sheets, wood wrapped in stretches of the same material, plates painted with colorful stripes and minimalist watercolors featuring paired edibles.  I have always loved that Leah spreads her sensibilities toward fine art and culinary art equally, and that more often than not these two realms commingle in her work.  As a pastry chef for Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, Leah is also known for her conceptual and edible confections with Modern Art Desserts.   Wherever Leah spends any amount of time, color grows in the room like an uninhibited aura, stripes stack up and dizzy the senses, cake and spirits are offered, and sensuous synesthesia becomes a natural byproduct.   Enjoy the photographs, and see more of Leah’s work here:






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