Artist Daren Wilson: An Eye for Exquisite Simplicity

I’ve always been a bit charmed by the aesthetic of my friend Daren;  he seems to understand every medium he meets, approaching clay, wood, paint, film and ink with ease and simplicity while remaining an utter formalist.  Daren simply makes beautiful everything he touches.  Perhaps he’s most known here in San Francisco for his series After Morandi, wherein he taught himself to oil paint by rendering veritable replicas of the Italian master painter Giorgio Morandi. Daren’s ceramics, sculpture and calligraphy work are similarly self-taught and equally exquisite.  Recently I spent a day with Daren in his longtime Guerrero Street flat (which also serves as his painting studio) then at the Berkeley Art Museum where he is one of the artists collaborating within David Wilson’s limitless exhibition, The Possible.  Although some of Daren’s ceramic pieces are available locally at Park Life, Gravel & Gold and The General Store, he doesn’t have a website showcasing the things he makes.  Because I am so fond of his work I wanted to share a few examples here and offer some visual insight into Daren’s world as well as a look into the physical spaces wherein his objects are crafted.  Do enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Artist Daren Wilson: An Eye for Exquisite Simplicity

    • Hi David,
      You can purchase Daren Wilson’s beautiful ceramics and some of his paintings at General Store (SF), Gravel & Gold (SF) and also he has an art show up at Goodnight Projects currently (SF). His email is but I believe he sells through those stores and galleries primarily. Thanks! -A

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