Late Night Photographs: Selections from The Dance Floor

I love photographing people beautifully adrift in the midst of a dance floor.  Rather that put my camera down when the lights go low, I fix up my flash and step into the ring.  I dance while I photograph; kind of ridiculous really!  I can’t help myself; dancing is unabashedly one of my favorite things, and commingling it with simultaneous picture making is a sensory delight.  Turning my eye toward the gestures, glee and movement of those sharing the dance floor is of course made sweeter by talented DJ’s who know how to lead the way and loosen things up.   I take such photographs in black and white for the most part as I find there’s enough joy in people’s expressions to subtract surface color.  I appreciate the way monochromatic imagery highlights texture and gesture, outline and form.  It’s effervescent when a flash of bright, fleeting light suddenly bursts from darkness, illuminating figures, momentarily weightless, in high spirits.   Here’s a selection of images from dance floors over last year’s weddings.  Enjoy!

“It makes no difference if it’s sweet or hot, give that rhythm everything you’ve got!” -Nina Simone

_MG_3742_MG_3764_MG_3714IMG_7852IMG_7739IMG_7620IMG_7756IMG_4695IMG_8507IMG_8407IMG_4862IMG_7692IMG_4581IMG_6789IMG_4898IMG_7918_MG_3673IMG_7667_MG_3593IMG_0941IMG_3803IMG_0870IMG_8555IMG_7901IMG_4727IMG_6879IMG_4574IMG_3441 IMG_6875IMG_2631IMG_0899IMG_8488IMG_2579IMG_6858IMG_0925IMG_4916IMG_8557IMG_7639IMG_8636_MG_3812IMG_7842IMG_7681


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