A feast for friends of City Kitchen at Cook House

Caroline Fey, the super savvy chef behind The City Kitchen, a boutique culinary event company, recently asked me to photograph a Pre-Holiday Fete she hosted with local chef Chris Bottorff.   Both Chris and Caroline invited friends to gather at the magnificently pretty Cook House, the rental space where The City Kitchen offers regular cooking classes.  In the heart of North Beach and its neon allure, Cook House’s classy and cozy interior features an open kitchen running parallel to a long banquette table where at least twenty attendees can dine together.   What I’ve learned from working a little with Caroline so far is that she is not only a social firecracker, but quick as a fox in the kitchen.  Her delicious food is incredibly colorful, seasonally apt and always presented flawlessly; edible works of art.  On this occasion what stunned me most was a celery root and parsnip bisque, whose mushrooms, pancetta and squash garnishes made the dish appear to be an autumnal landscape cast with windswept leaves of different hues.   I am so looking forward to photographing more of Caroline’s food and City Kitchen dinners, not to mention nibbling on the fare between shots!



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