A Film Production Company Party in San Francisco’s Mission District

I recently I had the pleasure of photographing a launch party for Avocados & Coconuts, a San Francisco film production company, as they debuted their incredible space to a bevy of talented friends and colleagues.  To call the studio and its facilities impressive would be quite the understatement:  the space was maze-like, utterly sophisticated and ridiculously creative.   The production suites and offices must be seen to be believed; its interiors are full of hand-worked wooden elements by locals such as Smallworks art-framer Andrew Berg, and carpenter Luke Bartels, whose wooden features make the senses soar.   Naturally, the party’s attendees were as fashionable and charming as the space itself, making my job as portrait-photographer easy!  Between delicious elixers, amazing fare by Tacolicious, and a set by local band, Sonny and the Sunsets, (one of my longtime personal favorites) a very good time was had by all!  Do enjoy the photos. and check back in soon for winter events….. Warmly, Airyka



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