A Sunny Santa Rosa Wedding in the Fields

In late July I photographed a beautiful wedding at the Great Blue Heron Hall, a quaint farm house and ecological center in Santa Rosa, California.  The day was bright and warm, the sky perfectly topaz.   The adorable and relaxed newlyweds, Nora and Patrick, celebrated their love in an understated, classical,  elegant style with overflowing bright yellow farm bouquets, a satisfyingly summery banquet meal from the local A’La’Heart, and much laughter and conversation.  Just before their vows, Nora and Patrick’s friends serenaded them with a homespun song; later, the brother of the bride and sister of the groom gave moving, warm and hilarious toasts as twilight came on and dancing commenced.  Local DJ Korise perfectly nailed the music for the evening, wooing the crowd with his tunes until late.  I really enjoyed photographing this wedding, especially as the day began at the bride’s childhood home, was full of cheer, humor and sincerity, and concluded with a bright northern star twinkling above prairie meadows in the distance.  I wish you the best of luck and many more adventures together, Nora and Patrick!

IMG_1810IMG_1251IMG_1200IMG_1242IMG_0998IMG_1088IMG_1227IMG_1136IMG_1446IMG_1411IMG_1481IMG_1488IMG_1496IMG_1547IMG_1975IMG_1357IMG_1828IMG_1786 IMG_1805IMG_1744IMG_1628IMG_1718IMG_1704IMG_1858IMG_1574IMG_1686IMG_1590IMG_1598IMG_1315IMG_2240IMG_2496IMG_2072IMG_2114IMG_2122IMG_2333IMG_2329IMG_1644IMG_1386IMG_2079IMG_1801IMG_2509IMG_2722IMG_1296IMG_2203


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