A Summer Wedding in San Francisco’s City Hall

On a long, mid-summer day, Zach and Noelle came together to celebrate their bond in the grand and ornate upper levels of San Francisco’s City Hall.  Their friends and family traveled from places as far as Oklahoma, Amsterdam and Toronto to cheer on the couple and to celebrate into the night at The Verdi Club with a feast of succulent roast pig and Southern style accoutrements by Jake Godby of Truck Stop.  Bouquets of dahlias, poppies and fir tree fronds were provided by friends Julia and Sonia.  Subtly sophisticated wedding bands were crafted by Carly Kimbrough of CK Jewelry.  All guests appreciated the  chance to express their generosity and outrageous dance-moves when bride and groom lured them in to a traditional ‘money dance’ followed by local DJ’s Trevor Goosen, Matt Roberts and Rance Brown further electrifying the party.  Artist and professional baker Leah Rosenberg customized an elegant layer cake whose all white exterior opened onto a striped rainbow interior.  Noelle, an effervescent bride, seeped Hollywood glamour and grace in an emerald dress and 1940s hairpiece, while the groom, Zach, gazed at her with proud,  unending sweetness.  It was an honor and pleasure to photograph this easygoing, fun and beautiful couple, and their big-hearted community.  Congratulations, you two!



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