Bethrothed in Brooklyn with a Balkan Band

In early April I photographed the wedding of a beautiful Brooklyn-based couple who held their ceremony outdoors in Grand Ferry Park.  Guests bundled together in a circle around Amber and Daniel as a close friend led a meditation in the Quaker tradition; family members held up the four poles of the Jewish chuppah, and park visitors looked on excitedly.  Amidst flying rose petals, applause, tears and laughter, the couple smooched, and smooched;  indeed the longest, most passionate wedding kiss I’ve yet seen!  The electrically exuberant local Raya Balkan Brass Band led everyone onward through the city streets in a celebratory procession to Picture Farm, a unique space run by creative aficionados, where dancing, mingling, and many moving speeches were fortified by the edible delights of Poppy’s Catering.  Congratulations Amber and Daniel! You are such a playful, joyous, and romantic couple; it was a delight photographing your wedding day.

IMG_5638IMG_5812IMG_5851IMG_571082710007dog pic for blogIMG_5862IMG_5933IMG_5997IMG_5939IMG_5959IMG_6010IMG_6044IMG_6091IMG_5956IMG_6111IMG_6285IMG_6646IMG_6321IMG_6560IMG_6474IMG_6605IMG_6793IMG_6235IMG_6509IMG_6319IMG_6392IMG_6645IMG_6539IMG_6719IMG_6155IMG_61838291001182920001

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