Welcome, Desmond Moon! A Spring Baby Shower

Although I was out of the country when Stacy and Ian got hitched at City Hall, I was able to shoot her baby shower when the time came.  I’m especially excited to share this post here, because the party took place at my own home, decorated with vintage Chinatown paper-cut-out garlands, and an abundance of Spring flowers, wrangled into elegant forms.  Being showered with sunlight, flowers, gifts, cakes and love has got to be one of the most emotionally and sensually pleasing things for any woman, especially one with her first child on the way!  We had a beautiful time celebrating Stacy and Ian and their little Desmond Moon to be…

Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-2Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-11Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-9Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-6Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-23Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-28Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-20Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-3Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-32Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-35Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-21Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-16Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-36Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-5Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-45Stacy & Ian's Baby ShowerStacy & Ian's Baby Shower-30Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-38Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-37Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-39Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-43Stacy & Ian's Baby Shower-42


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