A Healdsburg Harvest-Moon Wedding

It was such a pleasure and honor to photograph this beautiful, down to earth couple, Tula and Doug, at the bride’s family farm in Healdsburg, California, on one of the last days of Indian Summer.  The groom bought gleaming new shoes yet decided to go barefoot; the bride commissioned Tara Arnold, out of Berkeley, to custom design a dress based on a sketch of an 18th Century Russian dress.  Flower children appeared like fairies in gardens laden with blooms.  Tula’s family, of Preston Vineyards, are dedicated to delicious and meaningful food, so most ingredients for the banquet came from the family’s surrounding gardens: even the carnivorous fare was sourced from humanely-raised animals on the farm.  Mateo, the chef from Cucina Latina brought it all together with grace and gusto, serving guests at long banquet tables under a canopy of trees.  The bride, an artist and editor, thoughtfully orchestrated the aesthetic details of the day with grace and simplicity.  Dragonfly Farms arranged delicate vines and tendrils of flowers in lean jars.  Eventually, a full harvest-moon rose above guests on the outdoor dance-floor, compelled to dance by the savvy DJ Patrick Numair.  Throughout the day, and into the evening, I felt a great sense of gratitude, joy and community spilling over from the just married couple.   I never want nights like this to end–outdoors all dressed up at the end of summer, photographing communities set to gather for feast and dance, flora and true love.  Many congratulations, Tula and Doug!



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